Superior Soundproofing

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The downloads on the left are details that you may find useful for the construction of stud walls and using Green Glue in those assemblies.

DryWall construction 1, 2, 3 all show sealant and stud locations and drywall size for stud walls.  Useful to help plan your needs

Studwall diagrams 1, 2, 3 all show side and top elevation drawings for typical constructions of stud wall, with suggested use of sealant and Green Glue

Staggered Stud shows how to build a staggered stud

Understanding Triple Leaf effect outlines the pitfalls of building the triple leaf system

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Drywall Construction 1 Drywall Construction 2 Drywall Construction 3 Stud Wall Diagram 1 Stud Wall Diagram 2 Stud Wall Diagram 3
Staggered Stud  Double Stud Understand the Triple Leaf!
Sealant Data and MSDS